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Sketching Bezos and Putin

Did you know that Jeff Bezos could give $105,000 to every Amazon employee and he would still have just as much money as he has now, according to…

Jeff Bezos and V. Putin, graphite 12x9"
Jeff Bezos and V. Putin, graphite 12×9″

Did you know that Jeff Bezos could give $105,000 to every Amazon employee and he would still have just as much money as he did before the pandemic, according to Robert Reich?

He has so much money he could change the world, but unlike his fellow tech gazillionaire Bill Gates, he just keeps trying to expand his empire and make more money.

I sketched these two round-headed evil guys as an experiment during the portrait drawing class I took back in August. I can see all the flaws in them now but I’m trying to get all the older stuff posted so I can get to the newer better ones.

I know I could just skip the old sketches and post the new ones I like better, but I try to document my journey as I learn and grow, so here they are.

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Thanks! That’s great that you’ve been able to cut off Amazon. I was really trying to but with the new lockdown and increased positive rates here and my own vulnerabilities, I’m back to online groceries again. I can’t wait until this over!!!

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We did Imperfect Foods for all our produce for a while. They have some positive conservation practices that we liked a lot. Take a look at them for an alternative to Amazon. Thrive also, they are also another company that practices conscious conservation practices.


I did Imperfect Foods for a while in the early quarantine months but they were way too imperfect! Sometimes they didn’t come at all, often the food they delivered was incorrect or was missing items or was packed so the soft stuff was underneath the heavy stuff, or the frozen stuff was thawed out and at room temperature so I had to eat it immediately (seafood) with fingers crossed. I didn’t mind the curiously shaped veggies, but I needed something I could depend on. I bet they’re much better now. I should give them another look and also Farm CSA box delivery that was overwhelmed back then but is now probably doing better too. At least they deliver without the triple packaging in plastic that is unrecyclable like Whole Foods does.


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