Apples from Donna’s trees, (sketching apples on Apple (iPad) with Apple (pencil) in Procreate.
Apples from Donna’s trees, in Procreate on iPad

These apples came from my amazing friend Donna who is a hospice nurse, fosters dogs (and cares for a pack of her own), raises chickens, rescues feral kitties, and has turned her urban property into a virtual farm, with a huge garden, fruit trees and a giant chicken pen she built herself that I call chicken world. She’s funny and smart and beautiful. And on top of all that she is an amazing carpenter, tiler, sheet rock hanger, landscaper, gardener, and does almost all of her own remodeling and home maintenance.

I can’t do any of those things so I drew pictures of her apples.

More Apples from Donna’s trees in Procreate
More Apples from Donna’s trees in Procreate
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  1. Yummy apples!! And how gifted your friend is. She seems to be one who does not give up!! Something that I am working on as migraines slow me down some days, but I work to plow on through with the loving help of my hubby!! God bless and a Blessed Easter to you and all! C-Marie


  2. Yes, Donna is amazing and she’s funny and smart and beautiful too!. Oh I’m so sorry to hear you’re a migraine sufferer too! It sure disrupts life and steals precious time from it. I’ve heard there are now some new effective preventative medications but I haven’t tried them (yet). I’m always trying to simplify my life and stay as calm and balanced as I can to prevent the fluctuations in activity, schedules and emotions that seem to bring them on.


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