Lumpy Lemons in color, Procreate on ipad
Lumpy Lemons in color, Procreate on ipad

Which do you like better, the colored version above or the one in blue “pencil” below? These are lumpy lemons from the interior of my lemon tree where they’ve been growing unnoticed to nearly the size of oranges, plus other random stuff on the table as I found it.

Below is the original “pencil” sketch in blue. I accidentally drew this with Procreate’s hard airbrush instead of my usual favorite sketching pencil, the Brush Up Ultimate Pencil (didn’t check what brush it was set on until it was too late).

Lumpy Lemons drawn with "hard airbrush" in Procreate on iPad
Lumpy Lemons drawn with “hard airbrush” in Procreate on iPad
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  1. Since you asked…
    I really like the blue rendering more. It is more unexpected and conveys more about the shapes. The other sketch is very good, but the blue is wonderful.


  2. Hi and Thanks Sonia. Me too! I always love details but it’s fun learning to simplify too.


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