Mom's Perugia Italian Vase, Oil on Arches Oil Paper, 12x9 inches

Mom’s Perugia Italian Vase, Oil on Arches Oil Paper, 12×9 inches

My mother loaned me this beautiful vase years ago to paint. When I was looking for a subject to paint this week it called out to me from the shelf where it’s been waiting for so long. Below is the step-by-step progress of the painting, which is available on DailyPaintworks here.


Flower Art, Oil Painting, Still Life
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  1. A very fine painting. Bravo and thanks for sharing.




  2. Fabulous! Excellent details/ perfect values!!

    Thank you, Nicole Carrier-Titti



  3. Fabulous work, loved seeing the process.


    • Thanks Mary! I’m glad to know the process was worth posting. It would be so much quicker to just post the finished picture but I know how much I like to see other people’s process.

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  4. Love the colours and thanks for sharing the process as it makes an interesting viewing. Nice work.


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