One Hour Pear, oil on Arches Oil Paper, 5x7 inches

One Hour Pear, oil on Arches Oil Paper, 5×7 inches

After struggling for a few days trying and failing to do a one-hour painting exercise as I posted yesterday, I returned to the studio determined to tackle the challenge again and this time, obey the timer. I “cheated” just a little, redefining the project to better suit my current abilities by doing a quick outline and monochrome block-in with diluted burnt sienna and pre-mixing my paint (below) before starting the timer. At exactly one hour I stopped and then gave myself 5 more minutes to soften the edges on the shadow and back of pear and to add a highlight. It’s not a masterpiece but I met the challenge and, most importantly, enjoyed it!

One done, two more to go before moving on and returning to some skull drawing and painting practice to enhance my ongoing portrait drawing and painting study.

Art theory, Oil Painting, Painting, Still Life
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  1. Jana, could you talk a little about your choice of set up, color scraps of paper and lighting? Thanks!


    • Oh, and love the pear!


    • Hi Joani,
      The set up and colored paper are used to increase interest and eye movement and add variety and color. I’m using a Testrite Studio Light stand with a 4000K LED bulb pointed from above and the side at about 45 degree angle. Is that the information you were interested in or did I miss the point of your question?

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      • No, perfect – thanks, Jana – very helpful! I’ve been kind of clueless for some reason with setting up still life, but feeling as though I’m getting more of the hang of it,


  2. Wonderful – and in just an hour!


  3. Beautiful, maybe I should try some of what you are doing.Very encouraging! Great work!


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