Crockett Main Street, ink and watercolor, 10x8 in

Crockett Main Street, ink and watercolor, 10×8 in

Inspired by a wonderful urban plein air painting workshop and demo by one of my favorite artists, Randy Sexton, I sketched the main street in the funky little town of Crockett that houses his studio, Epperson Gallery and a tattoo parlor. Randy is one of the nicest gentlemen I’ve ever met, as well as a highly skilled and talented painter, and a gifted teacher.

Crockett is home to many oddball characters and funky old bars and shops. When I said I’d love to paint portraits of some of the local denizens he said he’d been doing just that, starting from when a professional model didn’t show up for a figure painting session. He and his fellow artists just popped in to one of the neighborhood dive bars and recruited a regular to come pose for cash and beer.

Drawing, Ink and watercolor wash, Landscape, Sketchbook Pages, Urban Sketchers
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  1. ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. I see he is coming to tv in Sept


  3. Loved this picture. Especially the palm trees in the background and the old fashioned street light!


  4. Dynamic composition, lamppost is beautiful, plus becomes effective design element. I get the feeling of this funky little town & am enjoying this viewpoint.


  5. Crockett is one of my favorite old Calif towns. Its best to get out of your car and just walk the old streets peeking into various alleys and lovely views of the Bay. Its so rare to find an old town or village within the Bay Area that still has its character. I thought your painting caught the spirt of the village!


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