Orchid for Busby in Sadie Footprint Pot, graphite and watercolor, 11x7 in

Orchid for Busby in Sadie Footprint Pot, graphite and watercolor, 11×7 in

For Mothers’ Day my daughter-in-law Brittney gave me this adorable flower-pot that she and her mom decorated with my grandbaby Sadie’s footprints (dipped in paint) as the wings of a butterfly. Then last week a florist delivered a beautiful double orchid plant to me from my veterinarian in memory of my kitty Busby who, sadly, had died the previous week.

The orchids were a perfect match for the Mothers’ Day pot and combining the two helped ease my mind and lift my spirits. I see the orchid and feel sad for Busby and then see the pot and feel happy about little Sadie. It was fun and challenging to draw while trying to keep track of which flower and bud were which.

Flower Art, Sketchbook Pages, Still Life, Watercolor
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  1. Awww, Jana. What a lovely combination : a Busby memorial and a grandchild Sadie uplift.
    Our Fur Persons are so much family and so much missed. And so hard to say goodbye… But babies always promise us tomorrows, especially when they trip along on butterfly wings–what lovely gifts from people who care.
    Thanks for sharing your sketch and story with us. I’m sad about Busby but I am glowing over the lovely sketch, the flowers and pot with little winged feet.. ❤ annie


  2. Beautiful painting and a great way to heal that sadness.


  3. What a beautiful way to express your grief and remember Busby. Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork.


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