Found Lipstick, Journal and Pear, gouache, 8x6.5"

Found Lipstick, Journal and Pear, gouache, 8×6.5″

Practicing gouache with found items. The lipstick with purple case I found on the street, the journal at the recycling center’s little “shop” where you leave things you don’t want and take things for free. The pear and jar lid I found in my kitchen so I guess they aren’t officially found items. The cigar box the journal is sitting on was a freebie from the local smoke shop. I love cigar boxes so much! This gouache sketch made me happy…feels like I’m starting to get it.

Found, Gouache, Painting, Sketchbook Pages, Still Life
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  1. Lovely. I’m trying to learn gouache, too, so your work inspires me to keep on it. I love this arrangement — the colors are so bright. You handled the reflections beautifully.


    • I really enjoy seeing and painting shiny objects, whether its eyes or lipstick tubes, the challenge of figuring out what I’m seeing and trying to paint it is fun. And so is gouache, don’t you think?!


  2. Lovely still life – I like the composition.


  3. This is wonderful in so many ways. I definitely think you’re getting the hang of gouache!! Can you share some hints?


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