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Successes, Celebrations, Sales: Going International

This post is a happy update on recent successes, sales and celebrations. First, the opening of the (ongoing) show at Collector Gallery was such a wonderful celebration of art and friendship. So many people came to the opening of the group show and I felt so honored by all those who came to support me. This week two of my paintings there sold to a couple from France who were flying home with them the next day: Tea and Lemon and Tea and Butter (below, and as licensed on a book cover—two sales of the same painting!).

That makes my third international sale in the past couple months. The painting Romanian Winter Hayride (below) painted from a Google Streetview picture sold to a gentleman in Italy who bought it for his home in Switzerland.

And continuing the international theme, a British publisher asked to include some of my sketches in their soon-to-be-published book on urban sketching! Then a Canadian couple bought a print of the sketch View From Dolores Park, saying that park has special meaning for them. And yesterday, Cafe Le Bateau Ivre’s web designer asked to use the two café sketches I did there (below) on their new website.  (OK, they’re in Berkeley and only their name is international, but still…)

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Thank you Kerri. I like it a lot too, but I think my favorite is the Romanian Winter Hayride because it was just such a fun image to discover on a streetview map and it was one of those paintings that kind of painted itself, if you know what I mean. Jana


Hi Jana, I am so happy for you!!! I have always loved Romanian Winter Hayride, as I love snow and your colours are so outdoors and homelike at the same time. Congratulations again!! Blessings always, C-Marie


Thank you so much. As I mentioned in my previous comment, it is one of my favorites too–one of those paintings that was such a gift as it just kind of painted itself and made me happy for just the reasons you describe. Jana


Thanks so much Laura. I can’t wait to see a similar post from you about your show (and to finally see the art work you’re hiding from us until then!) Hugs, Jana


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