EDiM 7-8: Something(s) You Got For Free and Draw a Coffee Pot, ink & watercolor, 8x11"

EDiM 7-8: Something(s) You Got For Free and Draw a Coffee Pot, ink & watercolor, 8×11″

“Draw Something You Got For Free” was May 7th’s cue and May 8 was “Draw A Coffee Pot.” Above is the black lacquer cabinet with carvings and gold decorations I found on the sidewalk in front of a brightly painted house in my neighborhood with a “Free” sign on it. On top of the cabinet is a microwave I got for free (my son left it behind along with the car parts featured here when I took back my garage to convert it to my studio.

And on top of the microwave are more freebies: a set of Russian stacking dolls a friend brought back from Sitka, a tiny bowl a friend made and inside the bowl is some lip balm from my dentist (he applies it before working in your mouth then hands it to you) and a packet of cut flower preservative free from Trader Joe’s floral department.

On the right above is the way I make my coffee, with a ceramic filter holder from Peet’s Coffee that drips the coffee directly into my cup.

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  1. I’m enjoying your Everyday Art so much. Thanks for posting. I love that you found that wonderful cabinet on the street. Adopting stray furniture is such a nice thing to do.


    • Thanks Joy! Yes, I have several pieces that I enjoy every day that were put out for someone to take. And hopefully people are enjoying the things I put out for free too. When I have something too big to take to Goodwill I list it for free on Craigslist and put it on the sidewalk. My street is too quiet to just put things out with a sign on them, but everything I’ve put out has been taken away quickly. Jana

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