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Wintery Rider on Way to Work

Wintery Rider on BART
Wintery Rider on BART

There’s something about this sketch that really says winter in Northern California to me: bundled up, boots on, bare trees out the window, and a sense of quiet.

Now that I only work in the office two days a week I have fewer opportunities for sketching on my 13 minute subway ride but always enjoy the adventure of trying to sketch someone, not knowing if they’ll get off in a minute at the next stop.

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Thanks Rita, Yes, it does happen occasionally. Usually they don’t mind and want to take a peek but one time in an outdoor cafe two ladies at another table didn’t know I was sketching and couldn’t figure out why I kept looking at them and taking notes. Finally one said, “Do we know you?” and I apologized and told them I was sketching their hats (which I was, trying to practice drawing hats). They were relieved I wasn’t spying on them! Jana


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