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I’m still here but my PC isn’t…

My computer is still in the shop and my loaner computer is so slow it’s impossible to work with scanned images and photos in Photoshop. I tried to post some recent plein air paintings tonight and the open programs all crashed when I tried to open the photos of the work.

I apologize for not keeping up with responding to comments or posting anything new. As soon as I get my trusty laptop back I’ll be back online again. In the meantime I’m painting and getting a little more sleep than usual since I’m not online late into the night.

See you again soon…

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Hi Jana,
did you try to work on photoshop shutting down all other programs? Also there is a possibility to change the virtual memory space on photoshop to more than just the default – while you are working solely on photoshop. This is something I always do on my slow notebook and it helps tremendously.
Do you defragment often? This helps as well!

I even shut off internet connection while working on photoshop!

Hope this helps.
Greetings, Petra


It seems that this happens to you a lot. ALl those are great advises. I have PS in a different notebook, even PS Elements needs a lot of memory.


Boo! To broken and slow computers! When an expodion of colour hits the blog we’ll know you’re back to normal. In the meantime, enjoy your extra ZZZs!


Psst – don’t tell anybody – but I actually quite enjoyed my enforced week off from blogging at the beginning of the year – because my laptop died. Plus I got an awful lot of housework done!


Hi Jana, it’s me again. Maybe your day is getting a tiny weeny bit better when I tell you that I just awarded you the “Arte y Pico” award. The details are all on my “Blooms and Blossoms” blog…

Warm regards, Petra


its amazing looking back at the things that you accomplished when you don’t have internet access, and specifically, not blogging heheheheh but i do hope you get your pc fixed soon, cos i like looking at your watercolor works


Thanks for the moral support everyone! I’m finally back up and running! I felt so honored to be receiving visitors and comments even when I wasn’t posting! You guys are the best!


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