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Wet Canvas WDE: Peacock


This was my contribution to the Wet Canvas Weekend Drawing Event this week. He was drawn in ink and then watercolored in my sketchbook. There’s always great photos to work from there, but I’ve gotten so interested in drawing from life that I hadn’t been doing the WDE lately. Couldn’t resist trying the peacock though.

I used to think that getting a drawing right would take too long so I used to trace my subjects from enlargements of my photos onto watercolor paper. My time was limited and I just wanted to PAINT–I thought that was the fun part–and I had no faith in my drawing ability. Now, after only a few months of daily drawing, I feel confident enough in my drawing to start drawing directly in ink most of the time.

And I’ve come to value and enjoy pictures that are drawn, not perfectly, but with personality and feeling and verve. Of course it’s nice to be able to get it right, too, but the most important thing is the pleasure I get from the drawing and the understanding that comes from really seeing deeply the things I’m drawing.

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Ive been popping in to look at your drawings for a few days now – and this is one of the most impressive pieces Ive seen. Its gorgeous. Its amazing what confidence can do for a bird. 🙂


This is wonderful, Jana, and the texture in the head is amazing. It struck me, too, because driving away from a swimming lesson last week, we encountered a peacock wandering the road – walking back and forth in front of the car, in fact, until it headed on back towards the zoo. Just amazing colors on them, for sure.


Wonderful peacock! I used to trace too to get that bit out of the way so I could shade! Oh well, it was fun but yes it’s better to feel confident enough to do it yourself too! After all the supportive comments I got on my blog recently (yours included) I’m trying not to beat myself up too much about the past – thank you!


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