Ostrich with Hole in the Sand, ink on Stonehenge paper

Ostrich with Hole in the Sand, ink on Stonehenge paper

One of the Everyday in May drawing cues is “Draw How You Get Your News.” The image that immediately came to mind was an ostrich with its head in the sand. I am the opposite of a news junkie. I cancelled my newspaper subscription years ago when I realized it made me cry nearly every day. TV news is even worse, with “If it bleeds, it leads” as the guiding principle.

So I just stick my head in the sand instead of consuming all the fear-based media, and do what I can to create better news. Avoiding the news means I can continue to believe that most people are mostly good and that it’s great to be alive.

About the paper: Stonehenge just started making their wonderfully soft drawing paper in this color called “Kraft” except unlike regular Kraft paper it’s archival 100% cotton. It’s fun to draw on with black ink and white gel pen.

About ostriches: They don’t really bury their heads in the sand. When frightened they try to hide by lying low and pressing their long necks to the ground which could look like they have buried their heads in the sand.

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  1. Story of my life, my friend! Paper? Cancelled. Network News? No way! We do watch the PBS newshour. At least the reporting is good, if not the news.

    So, that paper looks wonderful. I don’t suppose they make an entire sketchbook do they?

    • Hi Libby, It’s true that intelligent honest reporting of just the important stuff can make a difference but when it’s all bad news I’d rather skip it. I just bought a Stonehenge sketchbook (not that paper though) and did one sketch/painting on it (which I’ll post later) and found it very disappointing. They don’t make sketchbooks with this paper sadly. If you’d like to try a piece let me know and I’ll mail you a sample. Jana

  2. Lo-o-ve that ostrich…I hear you, Jana and know those feelings. I got rid of my TV (except for playing videos) for the same reasons. Instead, I pick out the most meaningful events, online–PBS is helpful as Libby says — and scroll past the rest.

    • I tried to get rid of my TV watching — turned off cable thinking that would do it but then discovered that with a $20 antenna from Radio Shack I could get all the local stations in HD. I have a TiVo so I record the few shows I really like (loving the new Masterpiece Theatre programs) and never watch anything at random. Jana

  3. I’m pretty ostrich-like myself. My favorite way to get the news is through Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me on NPR, or the Daily Show on Comedy Central!

    • Haha. That’s great. I like both those shows, though I don’t have cable TV so don’t get Comedy Central. I wonder if the Daily Show is available online? NPR is my lifeline I guess. If I need to I can find out the important stuff in just a few minutes of their news (or Wait Wait.. along with some laughs). Jana

  4. Fabulous image and I enjoyed reading the post too.

  5. What a fabulous ostrich! And lots of wisdom in this emblematic picture. The news junkies, while they may be very up-to-date on everything happening in the world to everybody else, are probably not so up-to-date on actual life — as in the life one is living. We never find out what we’re missing until we cancel the paper and the tv and take a moment to look around!

  6. ps — and if you draw what you see when you stop and look around — well! so much the better!

  7. The drawing is wonderful. I agree with you totally about the news and I am dreading the presidential campaign.

    • Oh! don’t even mention it, please. I think it must have been during a campaign when I finally cut the news cord–just couldn’t take it any more. Jana

  8. […] & artist Jana Bouc posted a sketch on the topic of NEWS on her blog (to see it, click here) and I’m posting my version above. Twitter and Facebook, by exposing corruption and […]

  9. I am just catching up on your site . Interesting on your drawing. I just found out their eyes are bigger then their brains! Strange eh? I like your drawing. Has a peacock look to the body.

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