Bad Mood! Ink, watercolor, collage

Bad Mood! Ink, watercolor, marked up kitty handout from pastel demo

Sometimes I get grouchy. For no reason. Or for good reason. I don’t like to be grumpy so I try to do things to cheer up: take a walk, go dance it off at Jazzercize, write and sketch in my journal over a latte at Peet’s Coffee or all of the above. Today, after trying all, it was the surprise of seeing my sister walk into my neighborhood Peet’s (surprise because she lives 5 towns away) that did the trick.

Before she arrived, while I was sipping and sketching, I was horribly annoyed by the woman sitting beside me at her computer who made dozens of phone calls. She was trying to reach “important” people like “Mr. Spike Lee” about his New Orleans film because she had “ideas” he would be interested in. She left message after message for others about her trip to Ireland, various parties and meetings, and how she was working out in preparation for her trip to Ireland next week…”so call me…kiss, kiss…ciao.”

SHHH - cards to handout to rude cell phone users

SHHH - cards to handout to rude cell phone users

My sister told me about a funny little card she’d seen for handing to loud or rude cell phone users. I looked for one online and found that designers Aaron Draplin and Jim Coudal created the hilarious “Society for Handheld Hushing” page where you can download and print this 3-page pdf file containing a variety of cards and little handouts like the one above.

I’m not sure I’d have the nerve but perhaps if it could be done surreptitiously…

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  1. You and I were in the same mood yesterday, but you handled yours so much more constructively!!! I would like those cards to hand out, too, unfortunately mine would be about some issues at work and I don’t know that I’d want to leave a traceable trail….but the idea should get me through today!! When I get irritated I’ll mentally design an appropriate card….not, of course, for someone to give ME. Ha! Like I might have contributed to the situation……

  2. I like how you handle yourself. I stamp and scream and sulk and cry. Very mature I know. I think I should try your approach.

    I like your cafe sketch!

  3. haha Jana, that made me laugh to see those cell phone bad behavior cards. I printed them off, and maybe I will be brave enough, or irritated enough to pass one out sometime–probably at the airport, where everyone seems to be on their cell phones!

    Nice way to handle your bad mood. I blame mine on the rain.

  4. Oh Jana, I love it!! At least you get more interesting conversations in California than we do here in Touraine. I’ve never heard anyone here calling anyone famous. I will go right now and print out some of those cards!

  5. I love it! A much more proactive response to the grumpies than the ones I’ve been trying.
    I can add “Look at Jana’s art blog” as a cure for the bad mood.
    My first response to the cards is “I’m going to start using the RIGHT NOW!” But I realize that I probably will chicken out. The way I figure it is when they’re that rude when unprovoked, just imagine how they might be if you provoke them… scary.


  6. I love the card idea! Try it (if you dare)! Like your sketch too. We are all grumpy sometimes, for no apparent reason. Keep on sketching and writing. And when you have a few minutes, come over and see what I’m doing with my two blogs – Levonne’s Pretty Pics and A Camp Host Housewife’s Meanderings. Comments are welcomed.

  7. Love those cards!!! LOL There have definitely been times when I have needed to hand one out!

  8. Ooh! Love those cards. I’m getting tired of my old approach: smile nicely and ask if “you’d mind having your conversation outside? Thankyou.”
    I did a survey for a week and every outgoing call was simply a plea for attention. Often, incoming calls were terminated with “I’ll call you back.”
    (After a week of this I was in need of some very strong ju-ju medicine! ;-) )

  9. LOL…I’ll take a huge stack of those cards!! I like your entry. Even on grouchy days there are things worth recording!

  10. Great post. I’m going to look at the cards.. Wonder if they have one specifically for drivers of SUVs who don’t know how to park their vehicles? I’ve wanted to design a LED board to put in the rear of my car where I can instantly put up messages like, “get off my a**” , “seatbelts, you idiot” etc… The drawback? I fear getting shot. But, it’s a wonderful thought when I’m in a bad mood behind the wheel!

  11. What a great idea, listening to the cell phone calls of others is often an intrusion.

    I hope they got the message, I think I will try your approach.

  12. Oh, too funny, Jana! Maybe you could sit next to her next time and suggest responses, like “Oh, tell Spike I said hi!” or “Remember to tell him I love Ireland too. Here’s where you should go when you’re there…” See if she doesn’t move away from YOU fast enough! And if she complains, tell her you assumed you were in the conversation too since she was loud enough for everyone to hear.

    Ok, in real life, that situation probably won’t work. but it is fun to dream about

  13. you are the sweetest, i was happy and surprised to see you at peet’s and then see me in your posting. veronica’s cards have a little picture of an old fashioned looking guy with a megaphone that says: Pardon me, but…your phone conversation is just so fascinating. i’m going to use it as dialog in my book. does that work for you? i’m available anytime to cheer you up!! happy birthday!! you dodged the concertina today. xoxoxm

  14. hehe. Just found your blog, and love today’s sketch. I use the same list of cures.

    For fellow sketchers, how about this remedy for those loud conversations: we take out our sketchbooks and all *blantantly* sketch them! No unobtrusive, sketching for these noisy talkers. We could look right at them and take down all of the visual details, since we’re already getting the verbal details… :-) We could have a blog for posting these sketches, (and the accompanying conversations)…

    But I love the SHHHH cards! Perfect!

  15. Your sketch is great and the kitty made me smile. Loved the story and the subtle way to hush the abusers.

  16. Oh if only I had the nerve to use those cards! The world seems to be divided between those who talk loudly into their phones ad nauseum and those who get angry at such thoughtless behaviour. We should stand up for our rights!

  17. This article has been interesting to read. I’ve read so many articles on “rude” cell phone users. Clearly its societal issue. There is even a iPhone app that addresses it called “Shut The Cell Up”. Cards or app, it’s a problem that continues into 2012!

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