Pee Standing Up Tools

Ink & watercolor, 7×10″ (Larger)

Plein air painting means spending the day out in nature … but what to do when nature calls and there’s no restroom? The guys can just face away, pee on a tree, and preserve their modesty. But we women have to find somewhere to squat with knickers around our ankles, fannies exposed.

After my first painful experience in this situation (too much coffee, no place to hide) I wondered what more experienced plein air painting women did. My research led me to the devices pictured above that allow women to pee standing up, without having to drop their drawers. All you have to do is unbutton and unzip your jeans enough to slip one of these nifty devices into position and you’re ready to “go” with no body parts exposed.

I practiced first at home, trying out all three of items illustrated above. My favorite is the purple one, called the Whiz. It’s reusable, works perfectly and lets women wee anywhere that men can (just remember not to pee into the wind). WhizBiz’s website recommends it for active women for hiking, snow activities, climbing. It is flexible and can be squished small for carrying. WhizBiz is in Australia but ships internationally. I received my order in about a week.

I also liked the Urinelle, which I ordered from Magellan’s travel supplies. They recommend it for foreign travel when bathrooms are unavailable or too nasty to use. The Urinelle is made from stiff paper and resembles a snow cone cup. They are disposable and can only be used once, which could get expensive since they cost a little over a dollar each (sold in packs of 6). They are very easy to pack or carry since they are flat until you open them for use.

Of the three I tried, the only one I did not like was the Caring Hands TravelMate (the blue one above). It is too small and not at enough of an angle and…well, I’ll spare the details except to say I’m glad I was testing it in the shower. I wrote to the company and asked for a refund but they didn’t respond.

Peeing standing up is so much fun! I keep a Urinelle in my purse and another in my car, just in case. When I go out painting I carry the Whiz in my backpack. It’s saved my fanny several times now.

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  1. WOW! I’ve heard of this sort of thing before but I’ve never actually seen one. It certainly would make things a lot easier. Great sketches, Jana! :)

  2. ROFL – Jana – first I thought this is a joke – I have never heard of such a device – but this is just devine and your sketches are gorgeous – thanks for the good laugh in the morning!! Now I have to check the internet where to get these….oh boy

  3. Interesting and amusing. I always wondered if such items existed, but it’s been years since I thought it was fun to hike in the woods.

  4. Very interesting. I just throw caution to the winds and try and find a bush or tree to hide behind, but if my family are around they find it uproariously funny to trick me mid-stream into thinking someone is coming, so this might stop them in their tracks

  5. Great! I also thought it was a joke – what a good idea. Thanks for the product reviews – and the illustrations.


  7. Definitely a great step forward for women’s equality, these are super! Gosh, you’d really want to a good aim for the blue one, methinks. I’m wondering how many cups of tea/coffee would be the limit here though, they look pretty small!

    It’s really not an issue because they don’t store the liquid, they serve the same purpose as male plumbing….you send a stream out in front of you…on a tree…or you could even write your name in the snow.

  8. Awesome illustration, Jana and a highlight of my day!

  9. Ha you stopped me dead in my tracks. I knew of such devises but never investigated them. Wonderful! You go girl. Great post.

    BTW you are coming along so much with your plein air paintings. Loved the one in your last post.

  10. Jana – great information. I am teaching a class “When Eve hits the Woods” and this will be great information for those who don’t line to whiz on a rock! Your drawings are great.

  11. Great post (and sketches) – We go backpacking every year and I’ve always wondered about these devices. Guys have it so easy, they just don’t understand. It’s nice to know we can level the playing field a bit!

  12. I’ve been visiting your blog for ages, but today I’ll respond to add a bit regarding this info that you posted. I spend LOTS of time out in the field. I’ve been using one of these urinary directors for years, and swear by it. The kind I use is called Freshette, by Sani-Fem, and is available at REI. Google that name, and you’ll find it. Seems to be less expensive at REI than at other places that carry it. It’s portable, easy to keep clean (I just pour a bit of water thru it after I use it), and very sturdy. I recommend it highly!

    Also… love your art. Your site is one of my every-morning visits.

  13. OMG – too funny and yet this is REAL! I actually purchased a pack of paper those funnels . You are such a modern Woman as well as a fantastic artist! And the colors on these “items” is luscious!

  14. I am a proud owner of a Freshette which is always tucked into my backpack when I’m out hiking. I too practiced at home first and was in awe of how it really does work. I still prefer to squat and pee but in some places that’s not possible (like out in the open). I have tried spelling my name in the sand while using it but never quite got beyond the M. LOL…..I love the colors, the stories , all your beautiful and entertaining posts! Now I’m off to run 4km but think I’ll hit the bathroom first! ciao!

    I’ll have to check out the Freshette. I haven’t tried writing my name in snow or sand….yet!
    ~ Jana

  15. “Peeing standing up is so much fun!” Who would have known!? :) This post is so funny – and very informative. I´ve seen these too, but never heard of anyone using them. Now I will probably dare to give one a try! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Hilarious! I never knew these existed and now with your wonderful product reviews I may again attempt wilderness camping, going easy on the beer and coffee of course.

  17. This entry reminds me of the time I was at an exhibit and, I guess it must have been a quiet moment but, all of us exhibitors (male and female) had quite a discussion about leaving our shall we call it “deposits” in various forest areas! ;) Sounds funny but it really is a problem and many times for both men and women with the lack of restrooms in state parks. Sure, here in the east, there are plenty of trees but there’s plenty of human traffic too! :D

  18. I’m impressed! Not only did you do the research and report on it – but you drew the the items quite nicely as well! This would qualify for Challenge #16 also: Draw your favorite tool. I would say it’s your favorite when you gotta go. :)

  19. HAH! I obviously don’t get out much… Thanks for broadening my horizons. I suppose we could have a NEW EDM challenge about the “most unlikely” (?) accessory you use….?!! Happy painting… around here, when I’ve had too much coffee, I pick up, head to the Starbucks, use the restroom and get MORE coffee. Makes me wonder if I’m dedicated enough!

  20. This is GREAT! I had no idea they even made these things! I can FINALLY get over my resentment of guys ability to “just whip it out” any ole place! I think I may be investing in one of these in the near future as I seem to always be out in the wilds and needing to whiz!

  21. Jana, your post is just so cool :).

  22. Excellent. That would be good to have when faced with a really filthy public restroom, too.

    Until they fixed the toilets at work I was thinking about using one there because even though the restrooms are clean, the toilets flushed too vigorously and always left puddles of toilet water on the seat. I finally got them to adjust the flush and now I can sit without having to wipe the seat first or stand up.
    ~ Jana

  23. Oh lordy! Only Jana could paint this and tell it like this!Brilliant!

  24. I must have one! I have almost died of dehydration in the past rather than be “caught out”. Living in my all-male world one grumbles frequently about the injustice of it all!

  25. ANother great item for my plein air pack ((:-)))))Wonderful bit of research!~

  26. They look like they could be used for crack smoking pipes in a pinch.


  27. What a wonderful end to my day. I just finished blogging about my disaster in the kitchen, and thought I’d pop by your site for a pick-me-up…LOVE the sketches, and thank you so much for trying out & reporting on the usefulness of each product. I’ve just got to get a whiz now :-)

  28. What a hoot! Glad I can buy one right here in Australia. ROFLOL.

  29. Brilliant! Gotta get me one! Great illo!

  30. This is hilarious but serious stuff really! Of course we women need a little bit of help at such times. Eucalyptus trees are just not everywhere. I was in strife one time at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) at an athletics event and the toilets were not opened in 3/4 of the ground so I just went – and the wee went miles it seemed all over the concrete, then an Indian security guy I has asked earlier to open up one toilet, called out, Madam, I’ve found the key! Too late bhaiya!

    AYYYY. How awful. It’s funny now but must have been horrible at the time. I had a similar experience being a passenger in a car and the guy driving refused to stop until we got to our destination (Altamont, a big all weekend outdoor rock concert far away in an outdoor area). We were driving before dawn and when we finally arrived the sun came up and we discovered we were in a flat open area with a line of cars trying to get in a mile long and no trees, nothing! The experience was so awful I can even remember what happened but I think someone tried to make a screen for me with her jacket.

  31. I would have never considered that this was even available. Your stories of experimentation surely brought out giggles over here.

  32. Wonderful! Maybe I should do a drawing of my mooncup that I’ve been testing out for the first time this week ;)

  33. Thank you for sharing! I’ve been risking fanny-exposure when hiking for YEARS. Always hated it but didn’t know what else to do. I’m so excited to order my Whiz.

    I also love your work and check out your blog daily. It’s fascinating to read about your dreams and learning experiences. I’m moving into a new career and struggling with the omnipresent learning curve. So it’s wonderfully encouraging to read about your exploits into plein air and oil painting. You’re an accomplished watercolor artist, and yet you keep challenging yourself to learn and do more. I don’t mean to sound trite, but your attitude about learning is imspiring. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful, life-affirming message (not at all trite and greatly appreciated!). I think even more than painting my greatest love in life is learning (but only about what I want to learn–my mind just shuts off if you try to teach me something I’m not interested in! But as a friend said a while back, “Everything is interesting if you take an interest in it”).

  34. Good idea. I heard them talking about it on the radio a while back. Easy for us guys to wiz out there but we are all equal when we have to poo.

  35. I had no idea! This is a super accessory. . .

  36. This absolutely made my evening. It was totally unexpected and just delightful. I’m even considering ordering one…

  37. I am so happy to read your review. Yes, I’ve also heard of these, but mostly dismissed them. Now I have to seriously consider one for a number of situations. I’ve seen “potty places” in the middle east that were nothing more than holes in the ground (or floor) that women have to learn to squat over and aim precisely! How much easier one of these devices would be (with zip-lock baggie, just in case water wasn’t immediately available!).

  38. Jana, Your humorous and helpful post on this rarely discussed
    issue has unleashed a torrent, a veritable flood, of responses. The illustration you did does not water down the message either. Instead, it serves to direct the reader’s thoughts effectively. A stand up job all around.


  39. Thanks for sharing about the Whiz, I just read the email in EDM. My solution was to stand using a cup, but ummm it just might get messy rofl…has taken years of practice..I will look into the whiz

  40. Jana, you are priceless! Who else but you would have even thought of these, much less sketched them?? (They do remind me of my rain gauge, though, except my gauge collects water, whereas these….. ;d.) I’ve never even thought of doing anything other than finding a bush and squatting—I need another piece of equipment like I need a hole in the head. Or something. Yay, you!

  41. Thanks…you may have just improved my life tremendously! I bike a lot, end up going outside and hated that it’s so inconvenient. Yuck. Never occurred to me that someone had solved this problem……..None of my friends like to be out that far from a restroom….gotta love the internet and helpful bloggers!

  42. All I can say is hahahahahhahahahhahahahhaha!!!!! Thank you for the funniest post I’ve read in a really, really long time! You are one brave blogger!!!!

  43. This made me laugh out loud. You are SO blogged for Sunday!!!

    I bet they don’t have these in the UK……………

  44. Is this for real? I don’t get it. I mean when I have to go, I have to go alot and this little cup thing would overflow and wet everything. No thanks. But I appreciate your thorough research on a subject I’d never somehow even considered (I guess I just accepted my lot in life!)

    Oops, you misunderstood…It doesn’t hold the pee….it’s got a spout!!! It lets you aim and go just like a guy. You can use a toilet like a guy, standing up facing the john and it goes right in or you can face a tree, or even put the end of the spout into a container… So you don’t have to bear your butt and squat and get it all over your shoes and expose yourself. You just unzip, and slide it into place, pulling undies aside (not even having to pull them down). Does it make more sense now? I’m glad you’re remembering more dreams. Especially with your visionary art, adding dream images can only enrich it.

  45. Saw this link on Katherine’s site…how did I miss it! Great handling of a sensitive subject! Going to order mine today.

    I’ve always said “If God were a woman He would have made some adjustments in our anatomy!”

  46. I ordered a Whiz through a friend in the UK and found that the tube wasn’t long enough to reach the toilet if I’m sitting on my electric scooter. I haven’t walked in 20 years and if I can get this little baby to work for me I won’t have to dread having to go when I’m out…. simply cant lift myself off.
    Does anyone know the e-mail address of the whiz people in the U.K. I need more plastic hose.

  47. I purchased a “whiz”. They are a godsend. No longer can men think they are all that just because they can stand. So can women hurray. No more hovering over dirty toilets. We can make our mark on trees!

  48. I prefer the TravelMate. It’s one that you have to get used to, but once you ge)t the hang of it, it’s great. It has the best aim out of the other ones I’ve tried (Whiz, P-mate and Urinelle).

  49. These are neat and useful inventions. I may be a guy, but I definitely see where these could come in handy.

    Nice art you made of them also.

    Incidentally, there is also another way for women to pee standing – and which doesn’t require them to rely on a device in the least. I stumbled across a site about it a while ago, and was very surprised at the fact that women could do it just like us guys. (I was not dismayed or resentful, mind you, like some guys are who enjoy bragging about their ability; heck, I make a habit of sitting to pee myself.)

    Apparently the devices still come in very handy for women who are having difficulty practicing the no-device technique.

    The technique for peeing standing WITHOUT A DEVICE is here:

    There was also a forum for this site, which had all kinds of women commenting on the technique and helping each other out on learning it. Here is a link to that:

    I hope these links come in handy.

  50. I’ve heard about these things too but never tried them. You could keep one in a fanny pack when not in use. (Or if it’s crushable, why not just leave it in place? I suppose men’s U-trou would be handy too in the field.)

    This would’ve been enormously practical when I was pregnant with any of my 5 babies. I remember with agony one time we were on a trip, waiting in a line of traffic for road repairs for what seemed like hours. It would’ve saved me a lot of misery and I could’ve done what my boys do and just peed out the door of the van, not even exposing myself.

  51. I tried some of the disposable ones the paper cone Urinelle was hard to use but I found one that adapts better to my body and was very easy to use Be Free. The plastic ones are usefull to but you have to wash it and that part is not very nice.

  52. I think the stand up Toy-Toy is a great idea if they have the plastic paper hygeine protection automatic roller to keep item clean form person to person…Its easy quick and fun, if so!

  53. I htink these are great, but they have a long way to go before they are as easy as the ease guys have…

    Good job though…

  54. There are other kinds – SheWee, GoGirl, and you can make your own with medicine spoons, turkey basters, soda bottles, etc.

    VERY useful things, all of them. I have yet to try the travelmate (looks too small and the medicine spoon thing didn’t work for me) but the GoGirl (similar to the Whiz) worked decently. But i found that the SheWee worked best for me (following the turkey baster oddly enough…)

  55. I’ve been looking around Ladies, Stand Up for Your Right to Pee Standing Up! and really am impressed by the amazing content material here. I work the nightshift at my job and it really gets boring. I’ve been coming right here for the previous couple nights and reading. I simply needed to let you know that I’ve been enjoying what I have seen and I look ahead to reading more.

  56. I’m glad you enjoy using those devices but did you know women can learn how to do it with our BARE HANDS? It saves bothering with those devices and you feel so empowered :) Have a google and you’ll find. It’s especially good if you wear a skirt.

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