Lamy Safari pen with Noodlers Ink wash in square HandBook Co. Journal
I know this isn’t a great drawing, but I’m soooooo tired so it’s good enough.

Tonight I watched the documentary Paper Clips. It’s about a middle school in a small rural town in Tennessee whose students were learning about the Holocaust. When one girl said she couldn’t conceive of such a big number as 6 million, they decided to start collecting paper clips in order to eventually be able to see 6 million of something. This transforms the town and becomes a huge, world-wide project. There are many profound moments in the movie which shows how teachers, journalists, and a caring community can be a force for good. After all the bad news and too many depressing movies about bad news, Paper Clips is refreshingly positive and deeply moving.

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  1. sounds like an interesting film. 6 million is a huge number. I went to visit auschwitz a few years back, and it was one of the most shocking and saddening places i’ve ever been to. We hear about the holocaust but it is utterly unimaginable to us. 6 million is an unimaginable number.
    I like the shadows on these. My old boss in england used to love paperclips, he had an obsession with them, one he’s passed onto me, i collect them avidly at work like a magpie.

  2. Jana, this reminds me so much of a sketch I did last year that I thought you might find it amusing to see how our minds run similarly! here it is—-man, I can’t BELIEVE that I lived with those tiny little thumbnails so long on my blog!
    I had not heard of that film, but it sounds lovely and very moving. I will add it to my Netflix list when I go back.

  3. I love the sketch, and i really like the idea of paper clips being the topic of a drawing. Did not see the movie but of course, now i want to!

  4. I don’t know what you’re talking about! “Good enough” indeed! They’re LOVELY!

  5. What a great idea! Speaking of which I love your idea for Smitten (and the sketches are lovely, too). Is that a new blog banner? Good slogan.

  6. Love this sketch Jana. Love the loose penwork, and the shadows are just perfect.

  7. I’ll have to look out for the film – I think the little paperclips are especially fine.

  8. What are you talking about…? these are great. I love the story of the movie review too :-)

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